I'll Be Yours If You'll Be Mine

This post is going to be a accumulation of everything the year 2012 has brought me being wisdom, thoughts, pictures and well anything I guess. So sit down and check it out.

I've learned and come to a lot of conclusions about things. So to wrap up this stellar year I've composed a list of 12 I have made this year what it is, well for me.

Number 12: For a rich girl London Tipton sure wore some tacky clothes.
I'd recently watched an episode of Suite Life of Zach and Cody, a show I once adored for all it's glorious yet entertaining mischief. Now as a young girl I'd always looked at London Tipton's clothes as extravagant and well what I thought all the rich people were wearing. Although yes I am at least 5 or 6 years late to be commenting on her glittery Justice like clothes it was just something that I thought needed to be said before going into the New Year.

Number 11: Disney where are you movies going?
On another Disney related note, I had a very nostalgic moment today when I scanned old original Disney Channel movies on Wikipedia. I'd literally screamed to myself when I remembered all the Disney movie plots that either involved a main character saving the day or making the difference. When I'd finally started making my way to movies from 2009 and up I almost had a fit on how ridiculous movies had become. I mean come on Disney Girl v.s. Monster

Number 10: Just because you are in school doesn't mean you can't wear heels.
This year has met many new things for me, one of them being heels. I'd never before thought of heels as something that'd be in my closet, but now I can't get enough of them. My first 'heels' that I took on at school was a pair of 3 inch booties I'd purchased at Forever 21 over the summer. They're cozy and give me just the right amount of height. So look out heels of 2013 I see you in my future.

Number 9: Forever 21 has become Forever Basic.
I'd never thought it'd come to the day when I'd actually be able to say those words. Not to bash on Forever 21 or anything, because yes they can sometimes have nice things, but the store has kind of been somewhere I can proudly pass by in the mall. Forever 21 is a store teenage girls decide to go in and pick "different things" which usually involves them all picking out collared shirts or pencil skirts. I'm not saying I'm better than the store, but I'd like to see some different pieces in the new year.

Number 8: Volleyball is amazing!
I started out my volleyball career in May of 2012. Other than being paraded with soft balls across my face I strikingly fell in love with the sport after I got help from a few of my friends and fellow team mates of course. I plan on playing the sport for the rest of my high school career and hopefully into my college career. No thanks to my friends I know I will always be remembered for my extravagant serve. Thanks guys!

Number 7: Hello Ryan Lochte
The Summer Olympics introduced us to lots of new hopefuls this year such as the Fab Five and Missy Franklin and old ones such and Michael Phelps and my favorite Ryan Lochte. Ryan Lochte is like the most fab man I know. I mean the man has his own shoe and yeah he can be a little extravagant with the grill thing and all but the man is amazing; and gorgeous!

Number 6: Pushing the Limit is Pretty Fun.
It came a time in my life this year that I decided to take charge and embrace my fashion life to it's full potential. If that meant funky printed pointy collared shirts, flatform heels and anything that made me look like a grandma then heck I was in. When I first started to dress how I wanted I was a little hesitant wondering what people would think of me if I wore this and what looks I would get if I wore that, but now I don't mind. I love how I dress and how I am now, heck somebody this year noticed I was doing something different this year; and they liked it.

Number 5: My Confidence Has Shot Through the Roof.
I can't say I've ever been a shy girl, ok maybe I used to be shy in public situation, but now it seems I've gained some kind of new confidence. I've accepted that I am going to be a weird goofy girl and that I can't really change anything about that because then I'd be a different person and I'm too far ahead to start on someone new. I've done a lot of things this year that at first I sort of regretted but at the end of the day I can put them in a scrapbook of crazy things I did that made me me.

Number 4: Spoiler Alert: A is Mona.... and Toby
OH MY GOSH, can this be like the biggest thing that happened this year? No. Ok well when I found out Mona was A (well I actually found that out a few years ago thanks to this girl I sat with at lunch) and Toby was A I flipped out. Toby I mean come on Spencer's boo was A this whole time. Can January 8 come any faster? I need to know more!

Number 3: Can We Just Get Rid Of Guns and Live in a Fantasy Land of Unicorns
Not to bring up a sour note or anything, but the shooting in Connecticut was a sad moment that made all of us shed a tear this year. I'd like to send my sincerest apologies out to the families on their time of grieving. Also my question, can we just ban guns for good?

Number 2: I love you Dylan O'brien.
If you don't know Dylan O'brien he is the rad Stiles on Teen Wolf and also played Dave in the movie First Time in which I want to see but I don't want to disrupt the other movie goers with my crying. So I'll just wait for it to come out on DVD. I don't know if Dylan O'brien knows how beautiful/awesome he is, but if not then Dylan O'brien you are beautiful and awesome. I can't believe I just said that. I refuse to be a fan girl. I'm done.

Number 1: I love being a Fashion Blogger.
Through my trials and tribulation this year I have finally made at least one smart decision and that would be starting my blog. Five Dimes For Nine Lives was inspired by a little lady named Tavi Gevinson who is super stellar. I was stunned when I saw a thirteen year old girl with grey hair taking on fashion like a pro. I've learned a lot about blogging this year and I've sort of tried to take on too many things at one time. I hope next year introduces close to perfect outfit post, interviewing other bloggers, the start of my zine, and just spreading my love for fashion with the world!

Now a few of my favorite photos of the year!

Well that's all for this year. See you all in the next!

Later Days,


  1. happy new year!!! can't wait to see what 2013 brings ya :)



  2. happy new year, i like your photos!

  3. Happy New Year! This post was probably one of the only 'looking back on 2012' type posts I actually read, yours was honest and wasn't too serious. Good luck for 2013!

    1. Thanks that means a lot! Good luck in twenty thirteen to you to. By the way you gotta sprinkle some of that editing talent you have on me next year.

  4. Happy new year! xx

  5. Happy New Year! Great post by the way, it's cool to see all the things you've learned from your experiences and such! Keep posting great stuff! :)




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