New Lipstick: Avon

So my mama got me some new lipstick from Avon today and I was REALLY excited about it. I got a lot of reds and this gold color. Well why tell you when I can show you:

 Burnished Gold


Cherry Jubilee

Perfect Red

Yeah I know I look a little crummy (just got back from volleyball), but aren't they so perf? I forever love that Burnished Gold and the Pretty is a really fun color. Love Love Avon Cosmetics!

Moonrise Kingdom

The Construction Sight is That Way

Well this sappy little outfit I threw together wasn't one of my best. The outfit I had planned out didn't exactly go as plan and I ended up giving the shirt I was gonna wear away. I finally got to use this plaid shirt my cousin gave me though. I had to cut off the sleeves because with sleeves it literally went with NOTHING!



I've recently got a new add on my sidebar about shopping at Shopluvb.com. By using the promo code 'Lauren' you get 10% off at checkout. How is that for awesome? The website is great! These are a few things I like best:
Secret Romance Maxi Dress

Blaque Label Silk Romper

Belle of the Brawl “Oh Yeah!” Legging

Praising Sun Ring (Orange)


Markus Lupfer 2013 Resort Collection

I've fallen in love once again. This time it's with designer Markus Lupfer whom I stumbled upon unexpectedly. While I was blog hopping I found a wonderful bunch of pictures of these gorgeous outfits. I'd had to research this designer and if course I did! The collection I found myself in was 2013 Resort Collection.  The collection includes alot of metallic colored dresses and skirts ranging from colors such as red, orange, purple and black. There are also lots of collared shirts, simple dresses and these cool graphic sweaters. So check out this designer he has some pretty cool stuff and has me hooked. Will be looking out for more! 
Here are a few of my favorites from the collection:


Guest Post

I've been checking out a few blogs and got an idea about doing guest post pledgers you talk about other bloggers I believe. Look out for these weekly because I love the idea.

Lipstick Review

There are 2 makeup brands that I am dying to try out.
(banana milkshake)

 (rude girl)

The first is Ka'oirs Cosmetics. I'd found out about the company when I ventured my way down to For Sisters Only last weekend with my friend Kelli. We were just about to leave when we passed this table manned by this really pretty lady with none other than sparkly blue lipstick on. I probably could've died right there when I looked down to find a rainbow of assorted lipsticks and glosses. I waited five minuted just to find out where I could purchase this stuff! I finally got a business card and right when I got home I pulled up the website. On there you will find a numerous group of colorful lipsticks with names like banana milkshake and Rude Girl. The lipsticks range from $15.99 to $17.99 and you can even buy all of them for $500!

(Airborne Unicorn)

(New Yolk City)

The next is Lime Crime Makeup. First off when I found my way to the Lime Crime website I was 
mesmerized by the picture, it's like a heaven of glitter and mermaids. There is nothing that you can't adore about the company. But back to the lipstick. One of the things I really adore about Lime Crime Lipstick is the tube design, it's like a lilac lavenderish color and it had little silver stars on them. Also the lipsticks have cool names too like New Yolk City and my favorite Airborne Unicorn. The prices for the lipstick are $15.99, but try to act fast because they sell out pretty fast.

Well that's my Lipstick Review and look out for a lot more of these because I do like me a good tube of lipstick. 

September Obsessions

This month I've decided to do a special shoe obssesion post. So here we go:

1. Pastel Mary Jane Doc Martens
I already love Doc Martens, but after seeing Self Constructed Freak wearing a pair of white t-strap  of these babies I died and went to shoe heaven. 

2. Black and White Bass Oxfords
I just love love love the 50s feel these shoes give off! Also I'd really love for them to meet my white frilly socks. 

3. The Marc Jacobs Pilgrim Shoes
Seriously how could these not be on the list. First of all the man is genious and wears the shoes himself ! They are just so cute and edgy and make you want to go to around asking people to pass the turkey. One day I will get my hands on a pair of these.

4. Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats
Charlotte Olympia I just want to thank you fro crushing my dreams and making my life all at the same time. Truthfully I can't afford $595 shoes but I sure would love to! Thankfully I found this DIY kitty flats that I will be making soon.

5. Madewell Zipcode Boots
Lastly I'd like to say Madewell these boots are life. The boots literally go with almost everything and they come in some very pretty colors. 

Well that's all of my September Obsessions shoe addition. Can't wait to share my October Obsessions with you next month!


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Unicorn's Carry Me to the Sunset


(Adorable right)

Ok, Ok, Ok, So I was catching up on the X Factor today with my friend Kelli. For a while there were of course silly characters and ahhmazing talented people (and of course Demi Lovato's fab hair!), but there was one group that just had me and that was Emblem3. First off of course they are total cuties!, but other than that they came out with this original song called "Sunset Boulevard." Can't wait to hear what more they have to come so keep it up guys you have my vote! Oh and by the way thanks for the new phrase "Tank It Dude."


( had to post this picture of Keaton and Wes's face when that boy band guy was talking.)


Lipstick Tubes and Crop Tops

Well Today I had a stuggle with one of my besties Lucy. Today's shoot was a little sturggle though...

face full of cheez its

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