How to Style A: Fur Coat

Winter time is coming around and people are pulling out the furs, faux of course. Furs are tricky they can either leave you looking like a stuffed bear or a super chic fashion oriented person. There was a post on Chictopia about a girl asking how to style a fur coat. I of course was all over it like a 20 something on a sample sale (thank God for those right). My word of advice, KEEP IT AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE. Fur coats are already extravagant enough. Trying to mix it with loads of different patterns and textures will throw of the uniqueness and quality of the jacket. I'd say pair it with a nice pair of cropped black pants. For a little more flavor choose a pair that's a little waxy or leather. Top wise I'd say go with a crisp white button down or a graphic tee that doesn't have a very loud print. now on to my favorite part, shoes. Alright since I'm in love with ankle strap sandal heels for the moment I'd definitely say pair those with this outfit. they're perfect for a 'I'm not TRYING to look gorgeous I just come that way' kind of look. If you're not comfortable with those definitely a cute pair of loafers are comfortable and classic. Now on to accessories  I'd definitely say a belt is a must for fur coats. They kind of pull the whole look together, literally. Also if you go along with the white button down idea I'd recommend a nice gold statement necklace right under the collars.

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