So when I got home today I found a package with my name on it, but the weird thing was I hadn't ordered anything. I opened it anyways and I pulled out a shirt and I was like alright I definitely didn't order this. There was a letter inside and I pulled it out and it said I'd won one of the online contest I entered. I swear to you I almost died a little inside. 


Mini Photshoot on school property... Shhhh

Welcome to the 50s

Glasses Dress-Forever 21
Over-the-Knee Socks-DIY From Tights
Burgundy Creepers-Ebay

There was just something that I really liked about this outfit (other than my 50s inspired hair and creepers)
Check It out at Lookbook too! 


Who Wants to Be Pretty Anymore?

I wore these old pair of Nike shoes that I'd swiped from my friend a while back. I'd worn them with a tutu (tulle) skirt and a stretchy crop top that ultimately made me look like a ballerina. Seeing as though girly isn't exactly what I was looking for I wanted to throw off everyone's perspective and wear a pair of kicks. Little did I know one pair of tennis shoes could get so many "Why did you wear those?" Before the day was out at least everyone I came in contact with looked at my top half  of me happily and then as they made their way down became very much confused. 
 In one instance I sat in math class waiting for my teacher to began the lesson, one of my friends approached me and asked what I had in mind when I put together my outfit. I blatantly told her that I had no intention at all of looking pretty, because I didn't really like dressing to be pretty. She gave me a sort of concerned look and asked who doesn't want to be pretty? 
I hadn't really thought about being pretty when I dressed myself for a while. Who do I have to be pretty for? Why do I want to be pretty? Pretty isn't just a state of mind it's a way you dress one way I'm not much a fan for. But to each his own they say right. 

Mod Makeup and a Few off Topic Shenanigans

I've been in a makeup rut lately. After seeing pictures of Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn and Marina I felt the sudden urge to try a new take on my makeup life and go oh so mod. I've tested it out for a few days and truthfully the best outcome I had actually had me looking more Cleopatra than 60s super model. But I'll just keep trying I guess. 
Oh and by the way a few new wonders walked into my life recently, one being a rocking tube of brown lipsitck (specifically Coffee Bean by Revlon). Works great and applies smooth, truthfully I was looking for darker but the lipstick is great.
Also I got a new patch for my jacket. It's a gorgeous Sex Pistols Patch and fits perfectly on my front jacket pocket! I wore it to school one day last week with a pair of boy camo shorts (Best pants I've ever worn in my life!) and there was alot of speculation that it read Sex Positions. This of course had me laughing and everyone else a little wide eyed, but I'm glad I got to stir up a little ruckus at school.


I don't know what it is about them, but I am in love with freckles. I just think they are the cutest thing and they just add something extra to peoples faces. Most people that have them hate them (which I don't quite understand), but seeing as I only have 2 very tiny ones that you have to have a magnifying glass to see I guess I never will.  But here's to my freckle love and to all the homies that were lucky enough to have some graze their face.


love freckles


Thank You Mail Gods

So after days of longing and stress filled weeks I finally got my burgundy pair of creepers that I ordered from Ebay! I didn't know how long it'd be before I got to unite my as I call them "hot socks" and creepers. Mondays outfit is so going to rock now!


Dream of Carrie

  It's a new school year; that means new people, new classes and new teachers.  There you are sitting in the 3rd row from the door in the 2nd seat from the back. Your teacher is standing in the front of the class rocking back and forth on the balls of her seat hugging a stack of papers in her arms.  You're only praying that on those papers is not an All About Me Paper, but when she began to form her lips to say something you can already tell where this is going."
    "To get to know you better, I'm having you write an All About Me essay."
     Every year it seems teachers have the brilliant idea to entertain themselves by indulging my fellow students and me on a one way trip to the deep dark scary pits of your brain to find yourself. I myself am not a fan of these papers. Truthfully I'm not into talking about myself that much, especially not in a paper when I actually have to think about things I like or how many pets I own (which actually happens to be none ironically).  However, this year I decided I'd try to change up my approach on how to take on this essay. I pretended to be someone who was interviewing myself so I wouldn't have to stick the ever so common 'hi, my name is' route.
   As I got more into the project I soon found myself faced with the question I think all teenagers dread at some point 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' I was floored, of course I knew I wanted to be a journalist for a magazine, but how do I actually see myself as an adult? The last thing I wanted to think about was being an adult, but I soon started to find my muse and she's one I believe most of us are very familiar with a one Carrie Bradshaw. Yes, Miss Bradshaw is a fictional character but can't fictitious characters be a muse for a teenage girl trying to figure out her path in life? I think yes. Carrie is independent, adventurous and can I just say that I'd kill for her wardrobe and stellar job. So although I don't know if I'm ready to be looking for a Big anytime soon, but I do feel that I want to embody everything Carrie is (or at least try).  For now one can only dream.  

                             Well Bye For Now,


No Fret, the First Day is Here

Well it's finally the end of the first day of school. Although very dull and boring never the less I enjoyed seeing a lot of my friends I've missed over the summer. The outfit that I wore today I'd planned for at least a week ( I'm really not for sure why I always seem to plan outfits in my head it's like a virtual closet).

Black high waisted pants and burgundy crop top from American Apperal; patent leather Doc Martens and some socks I borrowed from my mom.
(ps don't you just love my hair?)


"Never Hide"

As if I didn’t have enough love for the brand with the genius behind this phrase, Ray Ban is at it again with their new ad campaign “Never Hide.” With different era pictures of men and women standing out of the crowd and making a difference, you could only come to love what Ray Ban has tried to embody all while keeping a common theme; the celebration of their 75th anniversary.
Here are a few of my favorites:


Time Trip

      Have you ever just been alone in your room scrolling through old pictures and wondering why don’t girls wear their makeup and hair like Twiggy anymore or why aren’t boys hopping on the idea of slicking their hair back and throwing on a pair of Levi’s like James Dean? I could only imagine walking into school with a finger wave curl like the flappers in the 20s and feeling like it was just any other day.

       Although donning a flapper’s due wouldn’t be a big deal, there are just some things people rule out of the question to wear anymore. I’ve made a list of fabulous decade do’s that didn’t exactly make it to our era, but that I think would make fine in our society:


1.   Bell Bottoms
Although for a while flare jeans shimmied their way in style for a while, no one is looking back at what a sensation Bell Bottoms were. The funky pants discoed their way through the 70s with wild patterns and had an eye for men and women.

2.   The Finger Wave
Although you can find pictures of a few celebrities’ that have tried the daring do people just don’t find it as appealing as it was then. Being a true 20s era fan I believe the style should make a comeback, but that’s one voice behind millions.

3.   Biker Shorts
Like our friend Cher would say “As if,” is what a lot people are thinking of the biker shorts craze from the 90s. The spandex comes in a variety of colors, a lot of which you can find at American Apparel or the workout section of a Thrift Store. And yes I know the shorts do have a little camel going on but that’s nothing a pair of denim shorts can’t cover up, right?

4.   Big Door Knocker Earrings
I am knocking on the 90s doors begging them to open and let these earrings come out and play again. These earrings were a statement piece and generally people are somewhat warming up to a modernized version of the large accessories.

5.   Gogo Boots
This sensation that roamed the 70s was equally amazing and stylish at the same time. Usually paired with a short dress with plenty pattern and flowy sleeves, these boots ruled the era.

6.   The High Waisted Swimsuit
Probably one of the best fitting swimsuits for any body type, the high waisted swimsuit was one of the most popular bathing suits you’d see in the 50s. I adore how they always used models that weren’t so skinny when taking the pictures, some of the best modeling I believe was ever done.

      All in all most of the things I listed are making a comeback through the brave people who believe they never died like I do. Maybe one day we can get the rest of the world to join us, but for now we can only keep on dreaming.

A Day for Tea




      Small finger sandwhiches,women in big dresses with strawberry trimming and a sensational aroma of daises and forget-me-nots dancing up through your nostrils. That would be the picturesque image of a normal afternoon of tea with the girls a few decades ago. One afternoon I’d have wished to be invited to, but you can’t make everything right? Anyways there is one thing that I feel let’s you bring your own afternoon tea party everywhere you go it would have to be the simple addition of an ever so not simple accessory, a flower crown.

         I was first introduced to the chic accessory when I was scanning the world wide web. I was listening to the wonderful (and best haired artist!) Lana Del Rey. I decided to look more in depth at her background and came upon the image of her with the floral headpiece on. I was imeadiatly floored, large flowers on as a headpiece. Seriously?

        Now I’m not one for large accessories, but something about the flower crown got  to me. So that’s where I decided I would just have to have one . I searched DIY Flower crowns (here are a few that I found helpful http://styletodiyfor.wordpress.com/2012/02/03/diy-lana-del-reys-flower-headband/ and http://rubyfabulous.blogspot.com/2012/04/diy-fabulous-floral-headband.html) and I plan on beginning work on my on flower crown ASAP. So look out in a future post for me dawning my own crown! Bye for Now


Ebay, My Hero

So I finally got my mom to order me some stuff off of Ebay which I can now say is officailly the best website ever. When you loo hard enough you can find some pretty cool things. I ordered a pair of creepers, frilly socks, a bowler hat and some cool huge circular glasses (I'm dying to wear these!). Of course it took a lot of begging and pleading that Ebay was not as sketchy as it looks (and I can say it is quite sketchy looking sometimes) but thanks to tat I'm on my way to getting new items. So gracias Ebay you are a life changer!

August Obsessions

So I decided that every month I would make a list of things that I am honestly over the edge OBSESSED with. So here we go:

1. Sadie Hawkins Dance by Relient K:
There is like no way you couldn't love this song. It's about the Sadie Hawkins Dance ( something I wish our school had) and boys worried about their sweaters and khakis. It's cliche and I adore everything about it. I just can't stop myself from singing it!

2. Ryan Lochte
Seriously have you seen the guy? He's gorgeous. Other than that fact he's an awesome swimmer and watching him and Michael Phelps race was pretty cool.

                             Oh it's Love

Here In Your Arms

3. Hellogoodbye
After hearing the beginning of Here in Your Arms after the end of an All Time Low song on YouTube I instantly fell in love with the power pop band Hellogoodbye. I love their voice and the vibe they give off in their songs are catchy and cute.

4. Party Movies
It's something about a group of teenagers trashing a nieve kids house one night that seems to make me want to watch party movies over and over again. I swear I watched Project X like twice! That Costa was a jerk but theirs no denying he learned how to party "back in Queens."


5. Tan Nail Polish
After seeing my teacher wear this sort of cappuchino colored nail polish every so often I thought to myself I MUST OWN THAT COLOR!! So as it happens there was a freebie in the August issue of Seventeen Magazine that gave away a free Orly nail Polish (I'd advise you to check that out). So I drove over t Ulta and picked myself up a free bottle of Nite Owl (oooh sounds mysterious right?) Anyways I love the color!

Well that's it for now! I will be doing this monthly so look forward to next month's September Obssions.

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