My Name is Lauren and You're Watching Disney Channel

 Haven't you just always wanted to be on Disney Channel just to say that and get a chance to twirl that magical wand that made the Mickey Mouse ears? Anyways, I found myself scrolling through my photos yesterday I came across this little get up I wore to school one day. Other than getting told I looked like a Disney Channel character (which I'm not sure is a compliment or an insult) I actually liked what I was wearing. I got the shirt from some over priced vintage store, the shorts were a DIY project, stole the socks from my mom and the platforms (my favorite) are Arizona.  


All Hail the Fresh Prince

Have you ever noticed that once you hear the beat of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air Theme Song you somehow get caught up in singing the whole thing? 
After watching many Gifs and looking at old pictures I put a few outfits together from the inspiration of the Fresh Prince.




I like this one because the patterns make no logical sense. Like the outfit Will had on when he and Carlton were arrested because the police thought they were car thieves. Plus I must own these pants, they are to die for.

Daisy Crazy

So I have a new found love for daisies now. 
Not that I'm sure I wouldn't have fallen in love with them sometime,
I mean some of them are yellow (my favorite color) and they're are just so cute!
So I decided to look for for fashions inspired by daisies.

And of course can we not forgot:

The Daisy by Marc Jacobs Perfume

I'm a sucker for a good Marc Jacobs ad and the bottle is just so fresh looking.
Being all stuck in the world of daisies I created my own picture which I hope to incorporate in a shirt sometime in the future.

The Beginning of a Rad Time

Well hello there fellow sharers of the internet, it's a pleasure to have you stop by. 
For a while now I have been interested in starting a blog.
I enjoy writing, fashion and randomness so I guess I'd just wanted to share it with the world through my post.
So if you're still here as I'm writing this then stick around cause you're in for a wild ride!

(the beginning of a world of random faces)

Bye for Now,

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