December Obsessions

Obsession time once again and this time it's themed around what I'm hoping Santa is putting under my tree this year.


5. Velvet Dress or Skirt in Oxblood
If you've been reading my post lately you might have noticed I've sort of caught on to the whole oxblood trend all things velvet.


4. Camera Tripod
This may seem like silly request but I'm in need of a camera tripod. It's just so hard to try to balance my camera on things to take pictures and it would prevent me from dropping it less.


3. Long Green Military Coat
I am dying for one of these!! I saw lots of pictures on Tumblr where girls had them and I just though they were darling. 

2. Cranberry Disco Pants
Alright, I just can't describe my love for diso pants. Not that I've ever had any, but I've admired from far long enough. I NEED THESE IN MY LIFE!

Lastly the top spot for the thing I want most this Christmas was just too much that I had to make room for two. So the TWO top things I want for Christmas are.....


1. The Cambridge Satchel (in Yellow) and Bass Saddle Shoes

In my September Obsessions post a while back the Bass Saddle shoes were on the list of AMAZING things I wanted. The shoes are so cute and classic and I can already see outfits for it. Same goes for the Cambridge Satchel, I've needed a new purse for centuries now and when I saw this bag floating around the internet I was like it's prefect. Large, colorful and a vintage like flair is the perfect bag for me!

Well Santa I'm waiting, I think I've been pretty nice this year!

Later Days, 

1 comment:

  1. omg i LOVE the disco pants!! i don't own a pair but they're just lovely and seem like the perfect pair of pants.


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