Not Goodbye but Hello: Closing a Chapter

Dear readers and followers,
      When I started this blog it wasn't my intention to ultimately ditch it at the end. I put a lot of time and pride in this blog and it is probably one of the best things I've accomplished. I've learned so much over the few months of having this blog which made me come to the decision to start a new blog. I just felt that this blog wasn't on the level that I wanted it to be and there was just not much  felt I could do with it. I just wanted to thank all of my readers and followers for sticking in there and helping me throughout this blogging experience and I hope you with be awesome enough to check out and follow my new blog sweet and lo. With this blog I'm going to to do exactly what I set out to do with Five Dimes For Nine Lives; be an all in all fashion blog. My photos will be better and my content will also be better. I'm really hoping I'm not loosing anyone by doing this but I could really use the support! As I close this chapter I just want to thank everyone again.

Later Days,

Ps.  Content will be posted in a week or so on my new blog !!!


Call it a Break

Hello everyone, I was just sending out a post telling you that I will not be posting for 2 weeks. I recently tore my ACL and I'm out for atleast 2 weeks. Sorry. But see you guys in 2 weeks! 


Put A Cap On It

There's a new crown in town and its a little tougher than what you're used to. Welcome to the world of baseball caps. Baseball caps, although usually thought of only worn by baseball players, men, and women who aren't having the best hair day (I think we've all been there more than once) are actually very versatile pieces of fashion that can make an outfit more edgier. A few ways to pair a baseball cap:

1) The Casual Tomboy
Pair a baseball cap with a pair of worn boyfriend jeans, a T-shirt, a nice long overcoat and a pair of sneakers for a nice casual look with inspiration from the guys. 

2) Gypsy Goddess
You can still make the best of a super girls outfit by having a maxi skirt and lace crop top paired with a printed baseball cap. Try one with a flower pattern to stick with your girly theme. 

3)The Vintage Chick
Feeling like putting on a pair of high waist shorts? Match that with a few of your vintage pieces and try a five panel hat. They are just as they sound, baseball caps with five panels. They give off more of a vintagey look. 

4) The Lazy Day Loafer
If today is just the day you want to do a few errands then lounge around try wearing some harem pants or sweats with a nice loose t shirt and top your head off with a baseball cap to show your can be comfortable yet cute at the same time. 

This was my baseball cap outfit which I love and below are some street style pictures I found of others rocking their baseball caps. 

Cranberry tank dress- American Apparel
Plaid Skirt-American Apparel
White Converse





How do you feel about the baseball cap trend?


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (100th Post)

After being in the house for what seems like a century I finally got out to taste a little bit of air. Needless to say I was happy to wear "normal people clothes" again. The weather was just one big frown dark clouds and droplets of drizzle. I didn't let that stop me from entertaining the fact that I was going to get dressed up, even if that just meant I was going to a Greek restaurant for my cousins student government event. I had a pretty fun time taking these pictures, did I forgot to mention it's about 39 degrees. 

Have You Listened to the Maine's Version of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun?


The Scoop: AlexisSplash From Dead Like Your Fame

Hello people of the world, hopefully your day is going fabulous and your outfits are even better. I'm here to share another gem from the world of fashion, Alexis, or as she's better known as AlexisSplash. Enjoy!

Meet Alexis...

Inline image 5

Name: Alexis, but I go by my nickname AlexisSplash

Occupation/Grade: Currently working at Rocket Clothing Exchange

Inline image 1

How would you describe your style?
My style is really based on my mood. One day I can dress super grunge-y and all black with thrifted items, then next day I'll be in bright colors! One thing I definitely like to do is just combine different styles to make my look. I'll gather tons of inspiration from Japanese fashion, Urban wear, and all the people I surround myself with and create a look to my taste. I guess anything to really inspire others with clothes is my style.

I've noticed you like to wear hats in your pictures. Is there a reason behind that?
Bad hair days, lol. Sometimes my hair is super hard to control and hard to style. So what easier why to hide it and not make it obvious then a hat? They're awesome to add an extra "uff" to a look too!

How did you start you blog?
Four years ago, I started using tumblr and started posting my looks for personal use. I've deleted my tumblr two times already and lost very important pictures so i decided to start up a blogspot dedicated to my looks. I don't have tons of readers yet, but I do plan on continuing my style journey and explore my full potential of my style and hopefully inspire others to do the same!

Inline image 2

Where do you get most of your inspiration?
Like I said earlier, I get most of my inspiration from Japanses fashion, Urban styles, and my friends and family. Some of my favorite people I get inspired from is Kiani of Portrait of a Shopaholic, Grizelle of Gritriz, and Bebe Zeva of Fated to Be Hated.

Best find ever?
This is such a difficult question. Honestly, I think all my finds are incredible. It starts out as a simple piece of clothing and then you make it into the best thing that it can become when you style it. In my eyes, all my clothes are a best find. (I sound like a true shopaholic, lol.)

What do you do to make your hair so amazing?
I get this question so much, lol. My hair is naturally curly of course, but the best way to get volume is to layer your hair! Mine used to have thousands of layers to get its volume. My hair is pretty long now so I have to use some extras to get the volume that I want. So I use Garnier Fructis Stay in Conditioner to calm down the frizziness and add shine. Then I use Garnier Fructis Volume Mousse! (Hint: for more volume, blow dry your hair upside down!)

Inline image 4

One thing you can't live without?
I can't live without shorts! I'm from California so I used to wear shorts all day errrrrday! I have so many shorts, it's not even funny.

Favorite store?
Another hard question! I think right now, I'm currently obsessed with ASOS. I'm totally feeling all the panels and denim pieces they have in right now. I just need the whole store in my closet right now!

Favorite designer?
I honestly don't have one. I don't really keep updated with designer clothes at all.

What do you want to do when you grow up?
I can I just be a professional blogger, please??? lol, but in all, I do plan on majoring in Fashion Merchandising, but that might change. I honestly have no clue what I want to do yet. I do know that it has to do with clothes.

Inline image 6

Where can we find you?
Instagram/Twitter: @AlexisSplash
Facebook: FB.com/AlexisSplash

Inline image 3

Thanks for the interview AlexisSplash. Great sense of style huh? If you like what you see comment below!


Welcome to 1975

Welcome to 1975, where the shorts are short and the sunglasses are big. What's up guys? I'm enjoying my spring break in sunny Chicago (cue the sarcasm). Here are some pictures from Day 1. Yeah not great quality but I was bored and decided to snap some pictures.

Green High Waist Pants: American Apparel
Black Top: H and M
Sunnies: Forever 21

And this is a picture of what my friend does at 1 in the morning:

Has anyone watched Bates Motel? (Love it!)



Cue the confetti this day calls for a celebration. I have finally made it to 50 followers and I am more than happy. It's been great sharing my love for fashion and writing with the 50 people who having been following this blog. I really just want to thank you guys  for supporting me through this journey. Hope you guys are still on board when I make it to my next milestone!

Oh thought I'd just share a throwback with you guys because I've been feeling this song lately! Hope you like. Remember this?

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