The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year.....24 More Days

I'm SUPER excited to say the least. It's finally December  Can I get a Woot Woot? Needless to say I have  kindly been waiting all year for December  Puffy coats, Christmas movies, Christmas sweaters, and Harry Potter because who doesn't love Christmas at Hogwarts. I truthfully didn't even know that November was over until I was checking out the November background images on Rookie, then I looked at the corner of my computer and BAM 12/1/12. The struggle! This month I've decided I'm going to post everyday as a little countdown to Ol' Christmas. So look out for Christmas themed post! By the way did you notice my Chrismtas themed background? Courtesy of  Marille on Tumblr. To wrap up this post I thought I'd share a few Christmas pictures and songs with you: 

(all photos courtesy of Tumblr)

Later Days,


  1. This inspired me to do my own December post! I love your blog! xx



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