Pull Up In Your Fast Car Whistling My Name

Varsity Jacket-Borrowed
Levis Denim Shirt
Maroon Pants-Ross
Silver Doc Martens
Purse-Anne Klein

Any one else just have a love for Lana. She's so fab! Today I wore a varsity jacket I borrowed from my step-mom. The jacket is too great, I will definitely be asking her if she could order one for me. Also as you can see in the first post I got a new purse! An early Christmas gift from mi madre. Thanks mom! It has now become my new favorite purse. It's by Anne Klein and on the front the dots are strategically placed into the face of a lion, cute right? I'm in the Windy City right now and the cold weather hasn't exactly hit me yet and I'm not sure it ever will. Of course living in Georgia my winters are a little warmer so I really only packed short sleeved shirts and a few sweaters. I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas Eve. Look out tomorrow, my family and I are having a Christmas sweater contest and I think I'm a shoo in for the win.

Later Days, 

We Can't All Be Perfect, But We Can Try!


  1. Love the boots! I'm in Georgia right now and it's just really cloudy and rainy. The Office christmas <3

    1. Thanks! Man the weather is never quite Christmas like at all.

  2. Great outfit dear! oh I want here to snow, but in Spain hasn't snowed yet :/ Merry christmas! xx


    1. It just started snowing a few hours ago I'm super dreading it. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too!

  3. Loving the Doc Martens & bomber jacket! And that gif is probably one of the best moments on the Office ever.


  4. I love this outfit! (: those shoes are amazing <33

    and thank you so much for all those cute comments on my blog! you always make me happy! <3



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