Orange You Glad I Came?

Coral Sweater-Belk
Slouchy Slim Jeans
Lace Up Heels-Forever 21
DIY Detachable Collar

Today I got to wear the sweater I snagged at Belk on Black Friday. I was going for that classic boyfriend jean and heels look. Sadly I own no boyfriend jeans so I decided to roll a pair of slouchy slim jeans seeing as though they were the closest to that. I also got to rock my DIY detachable collar. Whenever I decide to pull it out I get endless questions like 'Why can I see your neck?' or 'Is that removable?' or simply an 'i just don't understand. Also I got out on the field and played soccer today. It felt really great to be out on the field again. Check out my look on Chictopia!

Later Days,


  1. Love the sweater! i want to try and make my own detachable collar hmm xx


    1. Oh yeah it's so easy just cut off the collar of an old shirt.


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