Happy Halloween!

Hendrix Shirt -Ross
Maroon Pants -Ross
Lucky Brand Furry Loafers- Ross

It's that time of year again.  he time for ghost stories and fun sized candy bars filling the air. Well other than hiding out from the kids this Halloween, which didn't feel as much as a holiday for the past few years, I've been watching reruns of old Halloween episodes of shows. Anyways to my outfit. So my mom and I went on an all out raid yesterday at the store and I picked up like 6 dresses, a few pair of pants, a pair of furry loiafers and this neat Hendrix shirt. I was really excited about wearing it today and got a few compliments at that. Well that was my day. Hope you had a good Halloween.....BOO!

Later Days, 


They Say I'ts A Hard Life For A Cowboy

So I'm SUPER excited about the awesome stuff I got from the craft store this weekend. I was in a crafty mood and I bribed my mom to take me to Hobby Lobby and I went all out. I picked up this funky horse fabric that I've decided to sew onto the back of one of my cut off shorts (look out for an outfit post) and also I got this silhouette charm and necklace chain for less than $5. I always wanted a silhouette necklace so BAM like magic I found it and put them together. Oh and also I was second from finally getting the materials for the flower crown I was supposed to make months ago, but that didn't happen the flowers were a little more expensive than my mom was bargaining for. Anyways I hope to go back to get some more fabric so I can make this circle skirt dress I saw on The Pineneedle Collective's (of whom I love!) Blog. So crossing my fingers my mum takes me.



Modern Vice Collection

I've officially fallen in love again and it could be with the fact that I entered a contest on teen vogue I hope to win, but really it's the fact that I've found a new shoe that's stolen my heart. Meet the Modern Vice Collection!

Mustard Engineer
Cheetah Benni
Jett Lipstick Red

Short heeled designer shoes mixed with a quirky colors and patterns equals these amazing shoes! The 3 shoes above are an array of my favorites  The first, Mustard Engineer, is super cute; I can see it paired with a pair of cuffed overalls, a button down and these circular frames I saw on Ebay. Next, Cheetah Benni, is a more versatile casual lace up boot that can go from day to night in an instant. Paired with a cute LBD you can definitely stop the shoe with these shoes. Last is the vibrant Jett Lipstick. Other than the name being totally AHmazzing this little boot is loafer meets motorcycle boot! I'd pair this boot with a white lace dress to give a gentle look a little bit of a wild pop.



"Misfit" DIY Varsity Jacket- Forever 21
Denim shorts-Thrift Store
Black Tights
Yellow and Maroon Socks-Urban Outfitters
Black Doc Martens

So I officially created another one of a kind MASTERPIECE! I had an old varsity jacket that I'd gotten from Forever 21 and I decided to revamp it a little by adding "Misfit" and putting an L on the right from side for Lauren. I officially adore it, but not as much as my "I'm Just A Teenage Dirtbag Baby" denim jacket.


Are We Going to the Ball?

Today was such an off day. I did my hair and it wasn't dry this morning so I had to like do this weird braid twist thing that people strangely liked. Also I just threw together this outfit and I was told it was SOO cute so I guess I did something right.


Click Clack and a Pretty Pout

Grandma Glasses-Borrowed from a Friend
Sparkly Black Short Sleeved Top-Thrifted
Light wash High Waisted Jeans-Thrifted 
Black Loafers-Urban Outfitters
Braided Belt-Thirfted

Agh, loving my outfit today. I felt like someones attractive grandmother. Check out my post on Chictopia.


Blast Off!

Cream Sweater-H and M
Pumpkin Pants-H and M
Brown Converse-Converse Store

Today was so great! I got to try to blast off dud rockets that I made in TSA, I got in an argument with my friends about Marta and VIP lounges, I got kicked out of every sporting event at school, had lots of laughs and got to don my new Men's Pumpkin pants I picked up at H and M. I was just pondering on how men's pants would fit on girls and after guesstimating what size looked alright on me I dashed into the dressing room and dropped this maroon sweater I was to buy and got them.Best investment ever, they are soft, have HUGE pocket, and are the only flared pants that actually look good on me. I'd definitely recommend you checking them out. 
Oh and also the other pictures are just of my TSA friends and I, just thought I'd share a 'Ricky Bobby' and the 'Flying Tampon' with you (I couldn't think of a name for mine).


Cold, Cold World

Pink Short Sleeved Sweater-Gap
Golden Celebrity Pink Jeans-Macys
Black Doc Martens

This week has been awfully cold and I'm some what happy about that. More sweater and more boots right!


Just An Old Cat Lady

Thrifted Forest Green Sweater
Thrifter Khaki Chinos
Leopard Loafers

Another week another surprise schools throws at us. We had random test and today I got told I'd literally be forever alone in this sweater. I don't really mind though, but I thought the sweater was cute, oh well. I'm so happy I got these chinos because I legit love the word chinos! 


Dreaming of Ballet Flats and Leotards

BLue and White Sweater -TJMaxx
Tulle Skirt -Forever 21
Leopard Flats - Candies
Yellow Square Pusre -Forever 21

This is proobably my most favorite skirt. I'd always dreamed of having a large tutu dress and this sort of fills in that void until I get one. I mossed over to church today with my friends. Truthfully our lead pastor is a little bit of a snore, but let's just keep that between you and I. We decided that we'd check out Teen Church which was all in all a good idea because it was very entertaining and I actually stayed awake! After that one of my friends and I checked out a thrift store and picked up some goodies. So look out for upcoming post of what I got in the fuutre.

Bye For Now,



Vest -Vintage
Button Down 
Denim Shorts
Tights -Green
Creepers -Burgundy 

Just a little outfit from today shopping at H&M.


Oh Boy, You're Swell


American Flag Tank Top- Urban Outfitters
Camo Shorts- Old Navy
Black and White-Vans
 "I'm Just A Teenage Dirtbag Baby" Vest- DIY 

Hey guys, well I forgot to post my outfit from yesterday and the camera quality isn't the best, but it was just a spur of the moment thing. I was in the middle of watching a volleyball game {which my team did win} when I remembered that I had to take a picture of what I was wearing!
Well anywho today I enjoyed probably the BEST THING EVER! I got to watch a performance of my favorite musical CHICAGO!! I was so excited when my friend called me up and said she had tickets. It was a little weird seeing a more matured Velma and Roxie, and it was sort of a struggle not to sing along with the actors. So sad :(. I did however get to witness "The Cellblock Tango," literally the best song in the whole play. Well I hope you guys had just as good of a night than I did.



Stuck in Her Daydream

Black and Whit Sweater Ann Taylor
Mint Blue Celebrity Pink Jeans
Black and White Converse

I got these really stellar pants from Macy's. They are this mint blue color and just so adorable. My hair was like really gross, but in this picture it looks semi cute. That's beside the point though. This week I've decided to think positive about everything! Mostly thinking positive about passing tests and smiling to people who look down. Oh and I FINALLY got to break out my sweaters because it's been cold and raining cats and dogs for the past few days. I'm kind of hoping the cold is riding in on the rains tail and deciding to stay for a while.

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