7 Look Alike Designer Pieces for a Steal

You know those designer pieces your just aching to have in your closet but don't have the mullah to splurge for it? I'm pretty sure I can relate to that like 100 % of the time I'm checking out magazine articles and fashion websites. Thankfully there is an upside to this debacle. Clothes that are just as nice as designer brands minus the price tag.

1. The Bart Simpson Sweater
I know you've seen it, the stunningly beautiful Jeremy Scott sweater that swept the runways in its Fall runway Ready to wear collection 2012 is priced at a whooping $415 on Shop Fatal.com. Yes it's a stellar piece, but Romwe offers a similar sweater that is just as unique and almost an exact replica.



2. Jeffrey Campbell Litas
Ok yeah we'd all love to walk sky high in a pair of real Jeffrey Campbell Litas (I mean look at those velvet ones in the first row) and although they aren't exactly as cost worthy as a pair of Christian Louboutins they are still a little expensive. Thankfully there are shoes out there that are similar to the close to perfect heels such as these at GoJane.com priced at $35.95.

lace-up suede platform

3. LNA Velvet Leggings
Velvet, velvet, velvet, oh how I adore you velvet. I'm pretty sure if velvet ever wen out of season I'd probably be the one still holding on to it wishing for it to come back. These velvet leggings by LNA are priced at $99.00 and yes while they are the absolute perfect piece of velvet fabric I have probably even seen in a legging the price is pushing it, by a lot. I recently got an email from Romwe pertaining these pair of Classic Gold Velvet leggings that are only $26.24. They are a pretty wine-red color and look super soft and comfortable.

Classic Gold Velvet Wine-red Leggings


4. The Moschino Belt
If you haven't seen the Moschino belt then hop on it and start searchinh now. This wonderful belt was introduced to me by a friend who has been dying to have this belt for ages now. Ok yeah $295 is a lot for a belt even if it is drop dead gorgeous and I'd proabably wear it every day and also to bed, but there has to be another option that is a little less expensive. Well duh there is and I have to solution! Check out the store C wonder, they offer belts that you can costumize with big gold letters on them similar to the Moschino Belt. 



5. Two-Tone Riding Boots
Alright I don't know if I'd win a ribbon for being a pride esputarian, but I think I'd win on the esquatrain stle if I was one. Since the bgiging of last year I've wanted a pair of riding boots. Not those slouchy looking boots whose leather looks like they are going to tear with one scatch, but the sturdy boots that look like they will last until I'm fifty like the Ralph Lauren Sabella Two-Tone Leather Riding Boots. Oh how I love these boots sadly they are $770, yeah defnitly not happpening, but I did find a smililar pair at go Jane for $40.

two-tone riding boots


6. The Chanel Tweed Jacket
The infamous yet unforgetabble jacket that changed history and will forever be the icon of Chanel for ages, the twee jacket. How I would die if I had this piece in my closet! This jacket is usually priced around $2,800, quite an investment right. This jacket is probably amazing in quality, but we have to be realistic here some of us just don't have $2.800 to drop but Asos is offering a Vero Moda Tweed Jacket on sale for $34.30.

Image 1 of Vero Moda Tweed Blazer


7. Baroque Dress
There is just something about this pattern that has me a little Dazed and Confused, but I like it. Dolce and Gabbana took on the pattern in its Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. The show in Milan Fashion Week featured a show of models cascading down the runwasy in the designer deeds. The dress, usually priced over $1000 is a stellar find, but when there are dresses such as this Roma Baroque Dress from Nasty Gal for $24 we can look just as nice.

Hope this helps you on your hunt for designer pieces for less!

Later Days, 


  1. These are all great look alikes!

    <3 Melissa

  2. this is a really good list! i'm in love with the whole baroque pattern trend.


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