Person of the Moment: Leonardo DiCaprio


This is probably going to be an ode to my favorite actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Where can I start? Oh how I love Leonardo DiCaprio, other than him being an undeniably beautiful man Leonardo DiCaprio is an amazing actor who plays his roles very well. Whenever people think about Leo D they're "Oh he's so old now," or "He looks all gross and crusty." This of course I believe to be ridiculous because number you obviously haven't seen Django (gruesome? Yes. But very good) and number 2 Leonardo DiCaprio's beauty is everlasting so he can never be ugly. 
Titanic was the first movie that led to my everlasting love with Leonardo DiCaprio. I feel bad because every time I watch it now I hope Rose accidentally falls in so he could survive. Sorry Rose. Another aspect I love about Leonardo Dicaprio is that glorious side part he rocked in the 90's. Swoon. It was always ridiculpously parted perfectly. Also I'm not a smoking advocate, but somehow he makes it look like a beautiful thing. 
Well Leonardo DiCaprio that's my ode to you. Oh and if your looking for a girl you don't have to kill your self to be with (i.e. Romeo and Juliet and Titanic) I'm here for you. Forever your biggest fan.

Later Days ,

And now a montage of Leonardo DiCaprio at his best:



This is probably one of my favorite pictures




Those eyes <3


  1. omg dis is so weird y do u have pics of my boyfriend on ur blog?????

    Hehe just kidding! No but seriously, your style is great. I love your silver Docs in that last post!


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