Pumped Up Kicks

Ok Santa I am closing my eyes now and hoping that you appear in my chimney in 3...2...1. Oh come on why isn't Christmas here already. It'd been weeks of endless sales from stores and friends telling me little snippits of my gifts. I just found out that I might be getting a little something Harry Potter this year. I'm hoping it's an acceeptance letter to Hogwarts..... A girl can dream, right? Alright, alright, I know I need to hold my horses on Christmas needing to speed up because before I know it this year in going to be gone like the hair on my dads head.
On to today's outfit. Today I wore my Hendrix shirt which is probably the coolest musician shirt I own. Which isn't many so I guess it's like the best out of 3. I paired it with my light wash high waist jeans from the thrift store of course and an awesome pair of tube socks I got from the sales bin of Urban Outfitters. The package the socks came in was so cute. It had a man lifting a dumbbell over his head and said they were 'the perfect workout sock.' Nice right? In addition I wore my Nike kicks (the inspiration for the title) as is it always is when I were them. Weird much. But anyways that was my day. I hope you guys are as happy for Christmas as I am! Hope your friends aren't dropping hints on gift. One of mine accidentally told another one of our friends what her gift was unintentionally. Sucks to suck. Peace.

Later Days,

P.S Did you know Walmart is selling a 'Girls Rule' movie set with Mean Girls, Clueless and She's the Man? Is that amazing or what?

P.P.S You probably can't see but I'm trying out some new makeup. Two Tone lips. Look out for an upcoming post!


  1. I am digging your hair like this, honey!
    and I love your shoes

  2. Awesome Shirt and shoes!I like the socks aswell!!



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