To Beanie or Not to Beanie? That's the Question.

I ventured to the mall today with my friend Ebbrea who I hadn't seen in months. I finally got to wear my new round vintage glasses I got off of eBay (super stellar!) I had to go Christmas shopping for a few of the homies, hope they like their gifts. I think they're pretty awesome. By the way don't you love my Batman socks? I acutally got them at Big Lots (one of those 'bargain' price stores for those who don't know). They came in like a 3 pack so look forward to the other ones soon! Sadly, but not really in a sad way, I had to wear my maroon beanie because my hair looked AWFUL thankfully I had my handy dandy beanie to save the day. SAD NEWS ALERT!!!! ?My camera is broken beyond repair right now. I dropped it on the floor and now I have to send it in to get fixed so look forward to a lot of phone pictures. Ughh I feel like such a bad blogger; sorry.

Later Days,
Lauren :'(


  1. are those creepers? i like the colour of it, it's different than the usual ones. also your jacket is really cool!

    1. Yeah they are. I freaking love them! Oh and thanks.


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