Whoever She May Be

She could be rainy days, minimum wage; a book that ends with no last page. Agh if you haven't heard Whoever She Is by the Maine I totally recommend you go listen to it. That's where I got today tittle from. Other than it actually being super rainy today  I think it was a very productive Monday. I got all my study guides for my classes and the had the cutest old man as a sub today. 
As for todays outfit I got this cute bustier from Charlotte Russe when I was Christmas shopping for my homies. Man I didn't know how much of a sturggle it was to go in a store and not buy things for myself. Anyways back to the bustier. So my classmates all decided to play dress up with my bustier today and tried it on. Hands down it was the second most hilarious thing that happened today (the first being this boy telling another boy he spells like a Chic-fil-a cow) seeing as though they all did these cute little poses and faces with it. Also I also wore my hair up in this funky little bun that my friend called a Mohawk (yeah I just don't know), but I'm really feeling it; keep a look out for it again! That's all for now. 

Later Days, 

1 comment:

  1. Outstanding look! I love the bustier over the blouse.

    <3 Melissa


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