Eye of the Tiger........23 More Days

You guys loving the countdown? It sure is getting me excited. Well today I wore this shirt that I bought from Forever 21 over the summer to go with a pair of yellow high waisted shorts. I'd literally forgotten all about it to tell you the truth, but doesn't that happen to at least 1 of  the few pieces of clothes we buy? So I wore this little get up to head out to church today in which I was rushed and unprepared (as you can sort of see in my hair which is half finished) but I did get to enjoy the choir which sang this really cool rock like gospel song. Contradiction right? Well here are some pictures of the day:

Tiger Shirt-Forever 21
Khaki Pants-Ross
Red Converse
Denim Shirt-Hand Me Down

By the way I really thought a pair of white converse would go better with this but since I don't own a pair I had to go with red. Is it just me or do white converse just seem to make anything look classic.

Alright so today I thought I'd just post pictures of really pretty Christmas trees. I'm not a fan of putting Christmas tress up and decorating them (yeah I know that sounds pretty bad), but I do like looking at them up and all pretty.

(photos courtesy of Tumblr)

Later Days,

P.S. Are you guys feeling the new title? I know I've been changing it a lot but this will be that last time, I think. 

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