Polka Dots x Polka Dots

Polka Dot Peplum Shirt- Forever 21
Polka Dot Pants-Belk

Hey guys, it feels like forever since I've posted an outfit post. So here ya go. I mixed 2 different prints of polka dots today and I'm proud to say I pulled it off really well. My outfit was feminine and cute I LOVED it.  I got my pants on Black Friday from Belk which was a mad house of wild women on the hunt for their size in boots. It was ridiculous yet quite amazing all at the same time. I am proud to say I am a Black Friday Virgin no more!  I can't wait til next year.

Ohh how could I forget. so I've had a Marina and the Diamonds obsession for EVER now. She is just so grand. (Listen to her whole Electra Heart Album... Now) Anyways if you know Marina you know she has this distinctive 50s mid look going on. So I thought why not test it out. Then I was off to school heart mole, winged eyeliner and bubblegum pink lipstick on my face. I think I did a pretty good Marina, not that the noobs at my school knew who she was, but oh well. 

My Marina Makeup

Later Days,


I'm Not That Nieve


Superman by taytaylover featuring a stacked heel

This outfit was inspired by one of my favorite songs "Superman" by Five For Fighting. I literally adore this song, it almost puts me to tears every time I listen to it. I'd first heard the song when I was listening to Pandora. Every since then I've been in love. I remember once my dad, cousin and I were driving in the open country to take my cousin on a college tour. My dad was flipping through stations and landed on one of those stations that play music I'd never heard. As if by chance the song came on and I sqiftly told my dad to blast the music as I sang off pitched on the top of my lungs.


November Obesessions

I've been waiting for the day that I could do an obsessions post that wasn't themed. That day has finally come. Before I start how is everyone? Good? Hope your having a nice holiday. Anyways back to the post:


5. Purple Lisptick
Alright so I've been super feeling purple lipstick since ummm well I don't really have a calender but let's just say FOREVER. I made a post about Lime Crime Lipstick, they happen to have the perfect shade of light purple called Airborne Unicorn. I really feel like if worn the right way purple lipstick could look super cute!


4. Rita Ora
First off doesn't she look GORGEOUS in this picture? I love love love Rita Ora like everything about her. She's super talented and has a killer fashion sense. My favorite hit by her right now is How We Do it's like the PERF party song and I'm dying to get that American Flag bomber she has on in the video. Check it out.

3. My Life is a Lifetime Movie
I'm just telling you this now sit down take a few hours and watch this show. It literally made my life when I found this show on the Lifetime Network. It's RIDICULOUS. This one lady had a baby with a 14 year old and another became the top madame in the state of New York. It comes on Wednesday nights at 10 pm. Amazing <3


2. Velvet 
Alright I know you guys have noticed the excessive use of velvet that I have in like pretty much all of my post now {sorry :( }, but tell you you don't think it's amazing with a straight face. (I don't think you can do it) Velvet is so totally in this season and I think it;s just ridiculously stellar. It's soft and the only thing you mainly have to worry about when wearing it is to not get caught in the rain....

And my Number 1 Obssession for the month of Novemeber is......


1. Dylan O'Brien
...... I don't... I can't..... I am not sure that I can tell you how much I love Dylan O'brien..... So I'm not..... I'm just going to leave it at that.....

Well that's my Obsessions for the month of Novemeber. Get ready for the top 5 things on my Christmas list next month.

Later Days,

Outfits I Wouldn't Mind Having In My Closet


Up, Up and Away

Black Bowler Hat-Ebay
'Rad' shirt-DIY
Tulle skirt-Forever 21
Over the Knee Socks-United Dollar
Black Doc Martens-Journeys

Ok guys so I FINALLY found a pair of over the knee socks that are actially over the knee and can you believe I got them from the dollar store. (Yes that place actually does some good) I can't even lie I racked up on like a million beanies that other day for like a dollar (and 9 cents). Most defifntly check it out. I;m also really excited because I got to see my family this Thanksgiving, can I get a YIPEE! Anyways it's really awesome they are here. On another note I hope to check out this really cool HUGE  thrift store my friend told me about and on Friday I hope to go to my very first black friday EVER. So wish me luck. 

Later Days,


Must Haves For Fall

Must Haves For Fall

Must Haves For Fall by taytaylover featuring knitted scarves

Now that it's finally Fall I've been craving quite a few things and jumping on a few trends. My favorite trend/ color that has made quite an appearance is Oxblood. First of all I'm a name lover so I love the name and the color is just so dark and interesting you can't not like it. I'm feeling the color in a lot of velvet pieces (another trend I have grown to love!) I've been on the hunt lately for a nice little velvet dress, but it's been quite difficult. Also I've been feeling parkas, I noticed a lot of girls on Tumblr with them and I just think they are so edgy and can make a simple outfit super urbanized (and keep you warm). For my shoe loves this fall I MUST own a pair of Chelsea boots!! I have had a fascination with them forever. Every time I think of them I just imagine wearing them to an Art gallery opening with an infinity scarf and some really chic glasses (but that's another post). In addition I also would like a pair of Opening Ceremony Nana Biscuit Tongue shoes. (Oh these shoes <3), Nike Blazers, and of course a pair of Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats. I think I love them for the fact that they have a kitty on them and that they have a gold heel which has been really in season this year. Well I guess that's it.

Later Days,



I hit up Urban Outfitters this weekend and got hooked up with mad deals. The tights and the beanie cost $5. I was super stoked to wear these tights, they have this cool tiger on them and it looks as if I’m wearing a tattoo. Oh and I ironed on the words beanie to my hat, I’m told when I wear it my hair looks nice so it’s a look I’m feeling. Also I’ve changed up my makeup, practiced my cat eye a little more. Do you like the makeup? I'm thinking of doing it more often.


They Say We're Both Little People and You Like It That Way

Well I had the sudden urge to put on this rad lace dress I’d gotten with my mom the other day. It fit a little short, but looked pretty ok with these tights and cool fuzzy socks I’d found in my moms sock drawer. The scarf was kind of something I was holding onto for my friend as she played volleyball, but it looked pretty good with the outfit so I didn’t take it off when I took pictures,

Later Days,


October Obsessions

Wow I'm like super late with this but it's that time of month again (well not exactly) but theoretically it is. OBSSSION TIME!! This month I decided to make of list of my TOP 5 FAVORITE HALLOWEEN COSTUMES THIS YEAR!!! It was cute a brain nagger but I finally made it down to just 5 and here they are:

5.  Wednesday Addams 
First of all let it be known Wednesday Addams is an icon. I've watched the Addams Family Movies religiously and I just can't get over that same monotone face she makes. I've seen some pretty good versions of the costumes, so thus Wednesday Addams made the list.

4. Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood is such a quirky goofball. Like legit everytime I watch the last few Harry Potter movies I'm like can a girl get anymore rad. She literally can make any crazy unrealistic thing sound like it actually makes scence and her fashion sense is one to raise an eyebrow on. I went to this Halloween event and someone attempted to take on her look. I thought it was really cool because most times you only see people dressing like Harry so this is a kudos to you Luna!

3. Finn the Human
Ok I have a sincerely normal obsessive love for the show Adventure Time. Like seriously I adore it so it is only normal for me to think to put him in this. Seriously  Finn is probably like the easiest little costume to put together, but to be a true Finn the Human you have to be able to bring the attitude and numerous catchy phrases that can be willingly thrown at anyone you come in contact with. Finn is a sassy boy, it takes a lot to be the only super adventurer/human in the world. 

2. UNICORN!!!!
Power to the person who invented this wonderful suit that is a unicorn. I'm not for sure if you know or not but I LOVE unicorns! I once saw this picture of a girl with this thing on and I swear I almost died. It's like my 5 year old pjs and unicorn dreams all in one.

And the #1 Halloween Costume that I love this year is..............................

1. Paulie Bleeker 
Oh Michael Cera other than being amazing in like every single movie I see you in you have made my Favorite Halloween Costumes list because you are just down right amazing. With your knack for sweatbands and retro P.E shorts you made me want to embody everything you are. I attempted to be Paulie Bleeker this Halloween, but seeing as though it kind of came at me so fast I wasn't able to order the shirt and get all the pieces together. Oh well :(

Later Days,

I Want to Be the Princess: An Anti-Homecoming Photoshoot Starring Me and the Homies

Just thought I'd share the anti-homecoming photo shoot starring my besities Luce and Sam. It was a fun night full of wild stories and lies about birthdays oh and yours truly thought she'd top off the event by crowning herself homecoming queen. Ok so that's not really true but I thought it'd be pretty cute to have. 

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