November Obesessions

I've been waiting for the day that I could do an obsessions post that wasn't themed. That day has finally come. Before I start how is everyone? Good? Hope your having a nice holiday. Anyways back to the post:


5. Purple Lisptick
Alright so I've been super feeling purple lipstick since ummm well I don't really have a calender but let's just say FOREVER. I made a post about Lime Crime Lipstick, they happen to have the perfect shade of light purple called Airborne Unicorn. I really feel like if worn the right way purple lipstick could look super cute!


4. Rita Ora
First off doesn't she look GORGEOUS in this picture? I love love love Rita Ora like everything about her. She's super talented and has a killer fashion sense. My favorite hit by her right now is How We Do it's like the PERF party song and I'm dying to get that American Flag bomber she has on in the video. Check it out.

3. My Life is a Lifetime Movie
I'm just telling you this now sit down take a few hours and watch this show. It literally made my life when I found this show on the Lifetime Network. It's RIDICULOUS. This one lady had a baby with a 14 year old and another became the top madame in the state of New York. It comes on Wednesday nights at 10 pm. Amazing <3


2. Velvet 
Alright I know you guys have noticed the excessive use of velvet that I have in like pretty much all of my post now {sorry :( }, but tell you you don't think it's amazing with a straight face. (I don't think you can do it) Velvet is so totally in this season and I think it;s just ridiculously stellar. It's soft and the only thing you mainly have to worry about when wearing it is to not get caught in the rain....

And my Number 1 Obssession for the month of Novemeber is......


1. Dylan O'Brien
...... I don't... I can't..... I am not sure that I can tell you how much I love Dylan O'brien..... So I'm not..... I'm just going to leave it at that.....

Well that's my Obsessions for the month of Novemeber. Get ready for the top 5 things on my Christmas list next month.

Later Days,

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