Lipstick Review

There are 2 makeup brands that I am dying to try out.
(banana milkshake)

 (rude girl)

The first is Ka'oirs Cosmetics. I'd found out about the company when I ventured my way down to For Sisters Only last weekend with my friend Kelli. We were just about to leave when we passed this table manned by this really pretty lady with none other than sparkly blue lipstick on. I probably could've died right there when I looked down to find a rainbow of assorted lipsticks and glosses. I waited five minuted just to find out where I could purchase this stuff! I finally got a business card and right when I got home I pulled up the website. On there you will find a numerous group of colorful lipsticks with names like banana milkshake and Rude Girl. The lipsticks range from $15.99 to $17.99 and you can even buy all of them for $500!

(Airborne Unicorn)

(New Yolk City)

The next is Lime Crime Makeup. First off when I found my way to the Lime Crime website I was 
mesmerized by the picture, it's like a heaven of glitter and mermaids. There is nothing that you can't adore about the company. But back to the lipstick. One of the things I really adore about Lime Crime Lipstick is the tube design, it's like a lilac lavenderish color and it had little silver stars on them. Also the lipsticks have cool names too like New Yolk City and my favorite Airborne Unicorn. The prices for the lipstick are $15.99, but try to act fast because they sell out pretty fast.

Well that's my Lipstick Review and look out for a lot more of these because I do like me a good tube of lipstick. 

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