Up, Up and Away

Black Bowler Hat-Ebay
'Rad' shirt-DIY
Tulle skirt-Forever 21
Over the Knee Socks-United Dollar
Black Doc Martens-Journeys

Ok guys so I FINALLY found a pair of over the knee socks that are actially over the knee and can you believe I got them from the dollar store. (Yes that place actually does some good) I can't even lie I racked up on like a million beanies that other day for like a dollar (and 9 cents). Most defifntly check it out. I;m also really excited because I got to see my family this Thanksgiving, can I get a YIPEE! Anyways it's really awesome they are here. On another note I hope to check out this really cool HUGE  thrift store my friend told me about and on Friday I hope to go to my very first black friday EVER. So wish me luck. 

Later Days,

1 comment:

  1. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for following my blog!! And I'm happy you found some thigh-highs that actually go above the knee... they are such a bugger to find!



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