October Obsessions

Wow I'm like super late with this but it's that time of month again (well not exactly) but theoretically it is. OBSSSION TIME!! This month I decided to make of list of my TOP 5 FAVORITE HALLOWEEN COSTUMES THIS YEAR!!! It was cute a brain nagger but I finally made it down to just 5 and here they are:

5.  Wednesday Addams 
First of all let it be known Wednesday Addams is an icon. I've watched the Addams Family Movies religiously and I just can't get over that same monotone face she makes. I've seen some pretty good versions of the costumes, so thus Wednesday Addams made the list.

4. Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood is such a quirky goofball. Like legit everytime I watch the last few Harry Potter movies I'm like can a girl get anymore rad. She literally can make any crazy unrealistic thing sound like it actually makes scence and her fashion sense is one to raise an eyebrow on. I went to this Halloween event and someone attempted to take on her look. I thought it was really cool because most times you only see people dressing like Harry so this is a kudos to you Luna!

3. Finn the Human
Ok I have a sincerely normal obsessive love for the show Adventure Time. Like seriously I adore it so it is only normal for me to think to put him in this. Seriously  Finn is probably like the easiest little costume to put together, but to be a true Finn the Human you have to be able to bring the attitude and numerous catchy phrases that can be willingly thrown at anyone you come in contact with. Finn is a sassy boy, it takes a lot to be the only super adventurer/human in the world. 

2. UNICORN!!!!
Power to the person who invented this wonderful suit that is a unicorn. I'm not for sure if you know or not but I LOVE unicorns! I once saw this picture of a girl with this thing on and I swear I almost died. It's like my 5 year old pjs and unicorn dreams all in one.

And the #1 Halloween Costume that I love this year is..............................

1. Paulie Bleeker 
Oh Michael Cera other than being amazing in like every single movie I see you in you have made my Favorite Halloween Costumes list because you are just down right amazing. With your knack for sweatbands and retro P.E shorts you made me want to embody everything you are. I attempted to be Paulie Bleeker this Halloween, but seeing as though it kind of came at me so fast I wasn't able to order the shirt and get all the pieces together. Oh well :(

Later Days,


  1. EVERYONE in this list are my favourite!! i just.. it's like you read my mind

  2. paulie bleeker is the best ever! haha

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