Person of the Moment: Jughead Jones

I'm not sure why or where the sudden interest came from but a sudden urge to make a post about Jughead Jones appeared to me in a dream. The food loving member of the Archie comics gang formally know as Forsythe Pendleton Jones III is probably one of the most iconic characters (next to Archie and the girls who activily influence the love triangle he is stuck in, Betty and Veronica). Other than being terrific and oblivious to the ladies, Jughead is pretty much an all over cool cat. I love the fact that he wears a crown on his head (actually I just found out it's a beanie shaped like a crown; but that's beside the fact). Also the infamous S he wears around. Quite a statement piece I believe and you know it stands for sandwiches  steaks and shrimps. Wow what research can help you find out. I kind of want a sweatshirt with a random letter on it maybe like U for unicorns and ukuleles. 
The life of a comic book character must be BALLIN' you have like adventures everyday and pretty hot outfits if I might say myself. 

Later days, 


  1. Hi saw you on Rookie!

    This is so weird! I was just thinking about how a guy I saw on TV looked like Jughead! I never knew that crown was actually a beanie - they should make crown beanies!

    1. Agh that's so weird, but awesome. I know I was shocked when I found out it was a beanie.


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