Must Haves For Fall

Must Haves For Fall

Must Haves For Fall by taytaylover featuring knitted scarves

Now that it's finally Fall I've been craving quite a few things and jumping on a few trends. My favorite trend/ color that has made quite an appearance is Oxblood. First of all I'm a name lover so I love the name and the color is just so dark and interesting you can't not like it. I'm feeling the color in a lot of velvet pieces (another trend I have grown to love!) I've been on the hunt lately for a nice little velvet dress, but it's been quite difficult. Also I've been feeling parkas, I noticed a lot of girls on Tumblr with them and I just think they are so edgy and can make a simple outfit super urbanized (and keep you warm). For my shoe loves this fall I MUST own a pair of Chelsea boots!! I have had a fascination with them forever. Every time I think of them I just imagine wearing them to an Art gallery opening with an infinity scarf and some really chic glasses (but that's another post). In addition I also would like a pair of Opening Ceremony Nana Biscuit Tongue shoes. (Oh these shoes <3), Nike Blazers, and of course a pair of Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats. I think I love them for the fact that they have a kitty on them and that they have a gold heel which has been really in season this year. Well I guess that's it.

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  1. ahhh love them all! I especially love those boots, next to the sneakers!! They are awesome!! P.s looking at your posts below, you have awesome style!! :)

    1. Those boots are to dye for....! And thanks a million I love your style too.


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