Who Wants to Be Pretty Anymore?

I wore these old pair of Nike shoes that I'd swiped from my friend a while back. I'd worn them with a tutu (tulle) skirt and a stretchy crop top that ultimately made me look like a ballerina. Seeing as though girly isn't exactly what I was looking for I wanted to throw off everyone's perspective and wear a pair of kicks. Little did I know one pair of tennis shoes could get so many "Why did you wear those?" Before the day was out at least everyone I came in contact with looked at my top half  of me happily and then as they made their way down became very much confused. 
 In one instance I sat in math class waiting for my teacher to began the lesson, one of my friends approached me and asked what I had in mind when I put together my outfit. I blatantly told her that I had no intention at all of looking pretty, because I didn't really like dressing to be pretty. She gave me a sort of concerned look and asked who doesn't want to be pretty? 
I hadn't really thought about being pretty when I dressed myself for a while. Who do I have to be pretty for? Why do I want to be pretty? Pretty isn't just a state of mind it's a way you dress one way I'm not much a fan for. But to each his own they say right. 

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