Time Trip

      Have you ever just been alone in your room scrolling through old pictures and wondering why don’t girls wear their makeup and hair like Twiggy anymore or why aren’t boys hopping on the idea of slicking their hair back and throwing on a pair of Levi’s like James Dean? I could only imagine walking into school with a finger wave curl like the flappers in the 20s and feeling like it was just any other day.

       Although donning a flapper’s due wouldn’t be a big deal, there are just some things people rule out of the question to wear anymore. I’ve made a list of fabulous decade do’s that didn’t exactly make it to our era, but that I think would make fine in our society:


1.   Bell Bottoms
Although for a while flare jeans shimmied their way in style for a while, no one is looking back at what a sensation Bell Bottoms were. The funky pants discoed their way through the 70s with wild patterns and had an eye for men and women.

2.   The Finger Wave
Although you can find pictures of a few celebrities’ that have tried the daring do people just don’t find it as appealing as it was then. Being a true 20s era fan I believe the style should make a comeback, but that’s one voice behind millions.

3.   Biker Shorts
Like our friend Cher would say “As if,” is what a lot people are thinking of the biker shorts craze from the 90s. The spandex comes in a variety of colors, a lot of which you can find at American Apparel or the workout section of a Thrift Store. And yes I know the shorts do have a little camel going on but that’s nothing a pair of denim shorts can’t cover up, right?

4.   Big Door Knocker Earrings
I am knocking on the 90s doors begging them to open and let these earrings come out and play again. These earrings were a statement piece and generally people are somewhat warming up to a modernized version of the large accessories.

5.   Gogo Boots
This sensation that roamed the 70s was equally amazing and stylish at the same time. Usually paired with a short dress with plenty pattern and flowy sleeves, these boots ruled the era.

6.   The High Waisted Swimsuit
Probably one of the best fitting swimsuits for any body type, the high waisted swimsuit was one of the most popular bathing suits you’d see in the 50s. I adore how they always used models that weren’t so skinny when taking the pictures, some of the best modeling I believe was ever done.

      All in all most of the things I listed are making a comeback through the brave people who believe they never died like I do. Maybe one day we can get the rest of the world to join us, but for now we can only keep on dreaming.

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