Mod Makeup and a Few off Topic Shenanigans

I've been in a makeup rut lately. After seeing pictures of Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn and Marina I felt the sudden urge to try a new take on my makeup life and go oh so mod. I've tested it out for a few days and truthfully the best outcome I had actually had me looking more Cleopatra than 60s super model. But I'll just keep trying I guess. 
Oh and by the way a few new wonders walked into my life recently, one being a rocking tube of brown lipsitck (specifically Coffee Bean by Revlon). Works great and applies smooth, truthfully I was looking for darker but the lipstick is great.
Also I got a new patch for my jacket. It's a gorgeous Sex Pistols Patch and fits perfectly on my front jacket pocket! I wore it to school one day last week with a pair of boy camo shorts (Best pants I've ever worn in my life!) and there was alot of speculation that it read Sex Positions. This of course had me laughing and everyone else a little wide eyed, but I'm glad I got to stir up a little ruckus at school.

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