Dream of Carrie

  It's a new school year; that means new people, new classes and new teachers.  There you are sitting in the 3rd row from the door in the 2nd seat from the back. Your teacher is standing in the front of the class rocking back and forth on the balls of her seat hugging a stack of papers in her arms.  You're only praying that on those papers is not an All About Me Paper, but when she began to form her lips to say something you can already tell where this is going."
    "To get to know you better, I'm having you write an All About Me essay."
     Every year it seems teachers have the brilliant idea to entertain themselves by indulging my fellow students and me on a one way trip to the deep dark scary pits of your brain to find yourself. I myself am not a fan of these papers. Truthfully I'm not into talking about myself that much, especially not in a paper when I actually have to think about things I like or how many pets I own (which actually happens to be none ironically).  However, this year I decided I'd try to change up my approach on how to take on this essay. I pretended to be someone who was interviewing myself so I wouldn't have to stick the ever so common 'hi, my name is' route.
   As I got more into the project I soon found myself faced with the question I think all teenagers dread at some point 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' I was floored, of course I knew I wanted to be a journalist for a magazine, but how do I actually see myself as an adult? The last thing I wanted to think about was being an adult, but I soon started to find my muse and she's one I believe most of us are very familiar with a one Carrie Bradshaw. Yes, Miss Bradshaw is a fictional character but can't fictitious characters be a muse for a teenage girl trying to figure out her path in life? I think yes. Carrie is independent, adventurous and can I just say that I'd kill for her wardrobe and stellar job. So although I don't know if I'm ready to be looking for a Big anytime soon, but I do feel that I want to embody everything Carrie is (or at least try).  For now one can only dream.  

                             Well Bye For Now,

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