A Day for Tea




      Small finger sandwhiches,women in big dresses with strawberry trimming and a sensational aroma of daises and forget-me-nots dancing up through your nostrils. That would be the picturesque image of a normal afternoon of tea with the girls a few decades ago. One afternoon I’d have wished to be invited to, but you can’t make everything right? Anyways there is one thing that I feel let’s you bring your own afternoon tea party everywhere you go it would have to be the simple addition of an ever so not simple accessory, a flower crown.

         I was first introduced to the chic accessory when I was scanning the world wide web. I was listening to the wonderful (and best haired artist!) Lana Del Rey. I decided to look more in depth at her background and came upon the image of her with the floral headpiece on. I was imeadiatly floored, large flowers on as a headpiece. Seriously?

        Now I’m not one for large accessories, but something about the flower crown got  to me. So that’s where I decided I would just have to have one . I searched DIY Flower crowns (here are a few that I found helpful http://styletodiyfor.wordpress.com/2012/02/03/diy-lana-del-reys-flower-headband/ and http://rubyfabulous.blogspot.com/2012/04/diy-fabulous-floral-headband.html) and I plan on beginning work on my on flower crown ASAP. So look out in a future post for me dawning my own crown! Bye for Now

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