August Obsessions

So I decided that every month I would make a list of things that I am honestly over the edge OBSESSED with. So here we go:

1. Sadie Hawkins Dance by Relient K:
There is like no way you couldn't love this song. It's about the Sadie Hawkins Dance ( something I wish our school had) and boys worried about their sweaters and khakis. It's cliche and I adore everything about it. I just can't stop myself from singing it!

2. Ryan Lochte
Seriously have you seen the guy? He's gorgeous. Other than that fact he's an awesome swimmer and watching him and Michael Phelps race was pretty cool.

                             Oh it's Love

Here In Your Arms

3. Hellogoodbye
After hearing the beginning of Here in Your Arms after the end of an All Time Low song on YouTube I instantly fell in love with the power pop band Hellogoodbye. I love their voice and the vibe they give off in their songs are catchy and cute.

4. Party Movies
It's something about a group of teenagers trashing a nieve kids house one night that seems to make me want to watch party movies over and over again. I swear I watched Project X like twice! That Costa was a jerk but theirs no denying he learned how to party "back in Queens."


5. Tan Nail Polish
After seeing my teacher wear this sort of cappuchino colored nail polish every so often I thought to myself I MUST OWN THAT COLOR!! So as it happens there was a freebie in the August issue of Seventeen Magazine that gave away a free Orly nail Polish (I'd advise you to check that out). So I drove over t Ulta and picked myself up a free bottle of Nite Owl (oooh sounds mysterious right?) Anyways I love the color!

Well that's it for now! I will be doing this monthly so look forward to next month's September Obssions.


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