They Say I'ts A Hard Life For A Cowboy

So I'm SUPER excited about the awesome stuff I got from the craft store this weekend. I was in a crafty mood and I bribed my mom to take me to Hobby Lobby and I went all out. I picked up this funky horse fabric that I've decided to sew onto the back of one of my cut off shorts (look out for an outfit post) and also I got this silhouette charm and necklace chain for less than $5. I always wanted a silhouette necklace so BAM like magic I found it and put them together. Oh and also I was second from finally getting the materials for the flower crown I was supposed to make months ago, but that didn't happen the flowers were a little more expensive than my mom was bargaining for. Anyways I hope to go back to get some more fabric so I can make this circle skirt dress I saw on The Pineneedle Collective's (of whom I love!) Blog. So crossing my fingers my mum takes me.


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