Dreaming of Ballet Flats and Leotards

BLue and White Sweater -TJMaxx
Tulle Skirt -Forever 21
Leopard Flats - Candies
Yellow Square Pusre -Forever 21

This is proobably my most favorite skirt. I'd always dreamed of having a large tutu dress and this sort of fills in that void until I get one. I mossed over to church today with my friends. Truthfully our lead pastor is a little bit of a snore, but let's just keep that between you and I. We decided that we'd check out Teen Church which was all in all a good idea because it was very entertaining and I actually stayed awake! After that one of my friends and I checked out a thrift store and picked up some goodies. So look out for upcoming post of what I got in the fuutre.

Bye For Now,

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