Blast Off!

Cream Sweater-H and M
Pumpkin Pants-H and M
Brown Converse-Converse Store

Today was so great! I got to try to blast off dud rockets that I made in TSA, I got in an argument with my friends about Marta and VIP lounges, I got kicked out of every sporting event at school, had lots of laughs and got to don my new Men's Pumpkin pants I picked up at H and M. I was just pondering on how men's pants would fit on girls and after guesstimating what size looked alright on me I dashed into the dressing room and dropped this maroon sweater I was to buy and got them.Best investment ever, they are soft, have HUGE pocket, and are the only flared pants that actually look good on me. I'd definitely recommend you checking them out. 
Oh and also the other pictures are just of my TSA friends and I, just thought I'd share a 'Ricky Bobby' and the 'Flying Tampon' with you (I couldn't think of a name for mine).

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