The English Channel

It's been forever and a day since I've posted an outfit post, I just want to apologize for that.
So let's not wait and get into this madness.

Baby Doll Dress-Forever 21
Black Blazer-H&M
Brown Over the Knee Socks
Black Bowler Hat-Ebay
Black Infinity Scarf-Urban Outfitters

I decided to wear an all black outfit today for who knows what reason. The irony behind the whole thing is that I wore it to church; talk about major witchy vibes. I never really wore this dress before because to say the least it was a little unflattering, but I worked it out by balancing it with a scarf and blazer.
By the way I don't know if you all know but I am a street teamer for Motel Rocks so check out their website and purchase something using the code word teenage_dirtnag for a stellar 20% off.
Here are a few pieces I'm loving from them right now (click the pictures to check out the link):

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