February Obsessions

wildfox romeo juliet
I know I might be late, seeing as thought this collection came out in Fall of 2012, but I must say I adore this. It's so wonderfully crafted and the pieces are ridiculously amazing. I love the Montague sweaters! It just reminds of of Romeo +  Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio. Plus the boy who plays Romeo is pretty cute.

4. Revlon's Berry Haute Lipstick
I've recently made a purchase that has changed my life. Revlon's Berry Haute lipstick is a pinkish purple color that brightness up lips and when it begans to fade away it leaves a pinkish strawberry looks very natural. 

3. Suspender Leggings
These are so cool. I feel like a goofball by saying that, but they are just that. I really really want a pair. They're edgy and would look really good with a pair of shorts.
2. Lace Bra's or I as I call them 'Pretty Bras'
I don't exactly know what you do with them or why they are necassary at all (seeing as though they give you no support) but I just really want one.

1. Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane
Alright this is the shoe that I am OBSESSING S over the most right now. It's literally a cut up motorcyle ankle boot. I want want want it NOW. However I don't have the cash. Guess I'll be waiting a while. 


  1. this post is perfect. your blog is perfect! AND JEFFREY CAMPBELL COLTRANE OMG <3

    xx dani

    1. Thank you and I'm glad you agree. Some of my friends think their ugly. I'm like what!!?!

  2. I have been lusting over the coltranes for ages they are just so insanely cool and I have no money either...

    Chloe xo


  3. omg I really need lipstick, i love this list

    x itsrainingblueumbrellas.blogspot.com

  4. Yes you do need lipstick. Everyone needs lipstick Nd thanks!

  5. omg i've been searching high and low for berry haute but absolutely NO SHOPS ANYWHERE HERE sell that shade <//////3

    also those jeffrey campbell shoes are BANGIN

  6. loving these obsessions! the bra is so prett and those shoes look awesommmee xooxo cute photoshoots u did with ur friends :)

  7. Lovely post + pictures! Great blog you have here. I'm your newest follower :) Would you mind checking out our blog & following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Looking forward to your next post! xx



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