Share Your World and I'll Share Mine

Today is a special treat because I'm not post one but TWO outfits posts.
Floral Bustier-Charlotte Russe
Plaid Skirt-American Apparel
Black Knee High Socks
Velvet Chelsea Boot Heel-Urban Outfitters
Pocket Fanny Pack
Lucy's Cactus Shirt
Maxi Skirt-Urban Outfitters
White Converse
Pocket Fanny Pack
I got to do a rad photoshoots with my friends Lucy and Samantha. You might notice them from my Anti Homecoming. We had a really awesome time hanging out eating fried pickles, gossiping, stalking people on faebook, crying about our lies and of course taking pictures. I'll few shots below. Hope you enjoy and check out my first interview post featuring Lucy.


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