Beauty and the Best

Circle Scarf-Urban Outfitters
Black and White Striped Sweater-Ann Taylor
Scalloped Shorts-Free People
Black Tights-Target
White Converse-Lady Foot Locker
Black Purse-Anne Klein
Today I finally got to wear shorts! The weather was perfect thanks to a wonderful season called Spring. Hello spring and thank you for coming at just the right time. My mom picked up these awesome scalloped shorts from Belk. They are Free People and fabulous (I also I have them in hot pink)Here is a link to the shorts.Also I broke out my Chile matte lipstick that I haven't worn in months to give my self a somewhat French look which leads me to the next very French thing I saw today,  BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.
My friend Lucy, starred as Babette the feather dusty in the play at her school. It awesome everyone had cute little french accents and the costumes were spot on. Glad I could've went!

What are you guys excited to break out this Spring?


  1. I love this outfit, especially the stripy jumper xx

  2. Nice outfit! I love how it's kind of simple. Especially the striped sweater is really nice.

    xoxo, Sam

  3. Great outfit! I'm excited for the colors and the sunshine! So more shorts and skirts. :)


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