Radio Disney and Gingers

Alright so somehow today I ended up thinking about me and my friends adventures in after school. Truthfully now that I look back on everything we accomplished back then I was proud of us. One day there was this older girl Betty, she told us how she and her friends had a club and they dressed in color coded outfits every day of the week. Now as a kid you think every thing an older kid says is cool so of course we jumped on the idea of making our own club. For the rest of the day the 5 of us decided on a name and democratically selected a president, vice president (yours truly), a treasurer and a secretary. I'm not really for sure what the last persons job was, but oh well. So we decided on the name SAG club meaning Super Awesome Girls (and also a bad word in Vietnamese as we were told by one of our members, Kelly), and we were soon off to another world. 
We actually held little meetings where we talked about things we wished to accomplish as a club. The first thing on our agenda was a cookie party where we all met at my aunts house to bake and decorate cookies ultimately ending up as dancing nuns at the end of the day (we got our aprons stuck around our heads as we were taking them off and danced to the radio). Next, since the Christmas season was approaching we decided to meet at my friend Lucy's house to host a Secret Santa/Toy Giveaway Party. The party went great I donated a pair of build a bear slippers and it felt great that we could do such a nice thing to help people who wouldn't be able to get as many toys as we would that year. Sadly someone (not mentioning any names) figured out who had them as a Secret Santa and pretty much who everyone's Secret Santa, but the day was still cool.
The next thing we decided to do was what almost every kid tries to do with their friend, form a band. We went through endless names like The Secret Saturdays, Daisy Something and my personal favorite International Janitors which actually became the inspiration and name of our tape laminated bookmarks with phrases like "Read it's Good for You" that we sold to younger students. By the end we deicded on LBSKL, the first letter of all of our names. Our first hit single included a love song called "I Got my Eyes Wide Open on You," which really only included one line which was the title pretty much. I thought it was pretty nifty until someone came up with the song that would get us on Radio Disney, "Shop Til Ya Drop." Truthfully I don't remember the contents of the song, but all I  know is it rhymed and was rather catchy. Drama ceased to shy from our band and soon the song was floating it's way into the large Rubbermaid trashcans that sat in the cafeteria. That was the last day we ever tried to do anything with our band and to this day I still dream of what it would be like to be on Radio Disney. 
I thought I'd end my little historical flashback with a few pictures of gingers I love. So her ya go!

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